To purchase a gift certificate, send an email stating the name of the recipient and the amount you wish to give. Include your personal message.

I will create a unique webpage certificate with the name of your recipient and the amount of the gift. I will include information needed to select the gift.

I will send you the url for the certificate and you can give the address to your recipient for viewing. The page will include the checkered banner and what's below it. See a sample here.

A $5 fee will be added to your invoice for this service.


Your message to the recipient will be here......
Click here to see a sample

Message from the artist....

This is a gift certificate for (giver's specified item) available on this site valued up to $(I will insert your designated amount here). You can start shopping here. Please make your selection and send me the item information by email ( along with your name and address. Your gift will arrive in 3 to 6 days.

I hope you enjoy many years of pleasure wearing it.

Best regards,

Jacqueline Gittens