Here are some items (unavailable today!) from a time past when I was working in porcelain. I loved the medium, but find polymer clay has many advantages over porcelain - For instance cone 10 porcelain must be fired to 2345 degrees and takes 24 hours for the firing process..... polymer clay cures in a small oven at 275 degrees for 20 minutes!

This butterfly was made from pug porcelain. This porcelain can be hand modeled, as opposed to slip porcelain that is a liquid and must be poured. It was high fired to vitrify the porcelain, then finished with China paints and fired again at a lower temperature.
Here is one of many mask pendants I made of slip porcelain, high fired, then finished with China paints and low fired.
This item is the forerunner of my current articulated doll made of polymer clay. When I created my new doll in polymer, I had forgotten that years ago I had actually made an miniature articulated doll in porcelain.