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I have recently revived an old interest in miniature sculpture due to my discovery of polymer clay. Years ago I worked in porcelain (see my history page) and made a line of jewelry that included roses. When I experimented with polymer, I sensed the exciting possibilities of how it might surpass the capabilities of porcelain. Though I made porcelain roses for twelve years, numbering at least tens of thousands, I have been able to achieve a much more natural rose structure with polymer clay.

I continuously strive for the look of the classic rose…. captured alive....!

As I finish each rose, I think, “Well, I almost got it…. I was sure I was going to get it….. this one is nice, but the NEXT one, the NEXT one….” And I can’t wait to get the next rose started, compulsively striving for that dewy, fresh-cut look.

Each rose is a "one-of-a-kind" since it is sculpted petal by petal and leaf by leaf. I am presenting these roses as pendants on black cords. When I build the rose, the construction creates a stalk of petal and leaf clay. I cut the finished rose from the stalk and use the stalk clay to create beads to compliment the rose.

I intend to continue to experiment with polymer clay and hope to have more variety to present in the future. Please check out my project, the puppet pendant.

Here is where you will find roses!